Our Mission

Our mission is to show people a world outside of their own and raise awareness and understanding about life underwater. We believe people care more about what they can see and understand, protect what they care about, and drive change through a marriage of both caring and understanding.

The ocean covers 71% of the world's surface and contains so much beauty and life. Our vision is to bring the beauty of the oceans to the surface and make it available to everyone through graphic design, video, and technology.

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YouTube Scuba Diving Videos

New YouTube Scuba Diving Video Every Saturday!

Underwater Adventures

Diving with full face masks and an underwater communication system, we narrate each dive from beneath the waves as the action happens.

Subscribe to our channel and dive along with us as we explore gorgeous reefs, incredible sea life, awe-inspiring shipwrecks, and have tons of fun in the water.

Celebrate the amazing world underwater with us, a place we think of as Triton's Realm.

-- Jeff, Sara, and Evan