Our Mission

We promote scuba diving and the world underwater through graphic design, video, and technology.

Our mission is to show people a world outside of their own and raise awareness and understanding about life underwater.

The ocean covers 71% of the world's surface and contains so much beauty and life. Our vision is to bring the beauty of the oceans to the surface and make it available to everyone.

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New Scuba Diving Video Every Saturday!

Discover New Dive Sites

Each week we explore a new dive site, discuss scuba diving topics, and often dive with a full face mask and an underwater communication system, so we can narrate our dive from beneath the waves as the action happens.

Subscribe to our channel and discover gorgeous reefs, incredible sea life, and awe-inspiring shipwrecks.

Celebrate the amazing world underwater with us, a place we think of as Triton's Realm.

-- Jeff, Sara, and Evan

UPF 50+ Performance Gear

Each dive site is unique and has a story to tell. Our custom-designed UPF 50+ performance gear captures the essence of every dive site and are only available in dive centers, resorts, boutiques, and marine stores.

No two designs are alike. You'll never go into a store in the Virgin Islands, and then find the same design at a dive center in Puerto Rico, Florida, or elsewhere.

Featuring UV-certified, rapid dry technologies, Triton's Realm performance shirts are a soft, comfortable shield against the sun's harmful rays and the ocean's spray.

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Dive Shop Owners - Set Your Store Apart

  • Designs are exclusive to you, setting you apart from everyone else.
  • Name drop your logo on the front left chest or sleeve to strengthen your brand recognition.
  • Our dive site designs provide everyone with a lasting memory of their dive.
  • UPF 50+ Microfiber Performance, 100% cotton, and sustainable Eco REPREVE Recycled Triblend garments available.

Looking for a specific dive site design? Contact Us.