Why we are so passionate about scuba diving apparel?

We’ve been fortunate as a family to share our love of diving, and equally fortunate to have visited some of the best dive sites in the world. We found that on every trip we’d have an exceptional dive experience, but couldn’t find quite the right souvenir that reflected our time there. We saw cookie-cutter copies of the same boring shirts that we saw on our last trip, which was thousands of miles away! I wanted to come back to St. Croix and wear a shirt to the dive club meeting that screamed, “Look where I went diving!” And from there, our concept was born.

We knew that we could do better than what we saw in our travels. We knew there was an opportunity to create an apparel line specifically for divers who were as passionate about the sport as we were.

Over time, Triton’s Realm slowly evolved from a concept to reality. From the beginning, it was important to us that our entire supply chain had a conservation mindset. We found like-minded manufacturers and printers that share our values of conservation and being good stewards of the environment. Moreover, we needed partners that would be willing to work with us on this little rock we call home.

As soon as we had our first designs to share, we wanted to prove our concept locally on St. Croix. The dive shop owners embraced it immediately. From that point, Triton’s Realm dive-inspired clothing was off and running.

The majority of Triton’s Realm designs are custom-created to each dive shop’s preferences. We’re proud of the detail of every single design because each one reflects the beauty of the location. St. Croix was a great place to get started because even though we’re an island, there are so many places to dive on St. Croix that each shop has its preferred sites. That means that when you walk into, for example, Sweet Bottom Dive Center, that’s the only place you’ll find shirts for Cane Bay or Davis Bay. We have a few designs that are universal (Frederiksted Pier, The Wall, Butler Bay Wrecks), but for the most part, every shop that carries Triton’s Realm clothing has its own unique selection. This same idea holds true not just on St. Croix, but also at dive destinations around the world. At each location, our designs are unique to the characteristics and traits of a specific dive site and are often exclusive to a specific dive shop.

Not surprisingly, living in the Caribbean means that sun protection is an essential consideration for us. There’s no question that you need sun protection while you’re out on the water, so all Triton’s Realm solar performance gear has a UPF 50+ rating. You get a layer of sun protection, and they’re super comfortable to wear underwater. We wear them diving all the time. Of course, we wear them when we’re limin’ too! Our lightweight cotton t-shirts in our online store are great for just hanging out after a dive, and also proudly display our unique dive site inspired designs.

Besides looking good, being comfortable, and protecting your skin, we believe our shirts are raising awareness of our underwater world. There’s so much life to discover under the water. We hope that Triton’s Realm dive-inspired clothing helps to encourage people to preserve and protect our underwater environment and promote amazing scuba diving destinations around the world.

-- Jeff, Sara, and Evan