Tapping into a deep passion for the ocean.

The Triton’s Realm brand was created in 2017 by a family who are in love with the ocean as much as with each other. Tapping into a deep passion for the sea and life in the US Virgin Islands, they founded the brand on the premise of hope for the future of our watery planet.

Our oceans are everything. Life, love, joy, happiness, relaxation, and at times fury. Our apparel and products embody these feelings and our designs, inspired by actual dive sites, bring them to life.

Diving, sailing, surfing, or simply watching the sun drift below the horizon from a beach chair are all hallmarks of those who share a love for the ocean.

Take a moment, listen, and answer the ocean’s call.

Give Back - Otherwise What's The Point.

We care deeply about the health of our oceans and through our 1% for the Planet membership we support organizations like the Coral Restoration Foundation to create positive change for the environment.

Learn more at onepercentfortheplanet.org.

Be Passionate - Live The Dream.

We tackle each day with passion and drive. There is nothing more exciting to us than meeting new people, diving a new area, listening to stories, and weaving all of it into apparel inspired by the dive sites we visit.

We get jazzed up from being beneath the waves. Encountering new sea life, finding peace and joy in the solititude, and embracing the adventure of each moment under water is what drives us to design the stylish gear you're looking for.

Adventure - Dare To Go Beyond.

We live for the excitement and adventure the sea provides, and work hard to get off the grid and below the waves in an effort to bring back stories and raise awareness of the state of our oceans.


Let's get to know each other.




The ocean is Jeff’s comfort zone. Every moment spent ashore is a moment dreaming about the next opportunity to get in, on, or under the waves. Jeff’s love for the ocean permeates everything he does and his passion for the sea is woven into every design and garment.

Jeff holds an undergraduate degree in Oceanography and a master’s in Software Engineering from the University of West Florida. He is a PADI IDC staff scuba instructor, a boatswain’s mate in the US Coast Guard Reserve, holds a Master 100 Ton Captains license, races in many local regattas, and participates in several open ocean swim races annually.




Born to be in the water, Evan learned to dive at the age of 8 in the pool. Five years later he has logged nearly 300 open water dives in five countries, and has spent roughly 280 hours underwater.

As a PADI Master Diver with specialties in photography and full-face mask diving, Evan brings a keen eye to the team. He is able to spot even the smallest and most camouflage of sea life, assists with dive site documentation, and contributes to many dive site inspired designs.




Sara first became a certified diver nearly 20 years ago. Over the years, she has honed her skills as a diver, and leverages those talents to help support our dive operations, create close connections with our customers, and works to foster lasting partnerships with other eco-conscious organizations.

She injects her experience and knowledge into everything we do, and is passionate about teaching the world’s youth about science and the connection we have with our environment. Sara has an undergraduate degree in Biology from Smith College and a master’s in Animals and Public Policy from Tufts University.